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Gee it's swell to make Pizzelle's!

pretty enough to eat!

In Italian-American land this time of year, pizzelles are all around you. You can barely go an hour without one of these sweet and light babies getting shoved in your hand and making it’s way to your mouth. It’s a wonderful thing. At first glance, this gorgeous and decorative cookie can look intimidating, and for years I hesitated even trying to make them. I happily left them to the expert 75+ crew, but a few years ago I got a pang to whip some up myself and take on the tradition of delivering batches to my family and friends. I was pretty surprised to discover how easy they are to make, the only challenging part is finding the patience to cook them two by two on your pizzelle iron. But, I have made a thing of it, and now have pizzelle parties where I enlist my nephews and nieces to help me cook up 60 or so a night. Granted, my helpers may eat more then they press, but the memories last a lifetime!

We've got our pizzelle goggles on!

First things first, you will need a pizzelle iron. I love mine, the cucina pro non-stick.

I’m the first to be a traditionalist when it comes to cooking, but when it’s time to make pizzelles, I want the electric power, the dual waffle press and the non-stick magic, sorry Nonna!

I’ve made this recipe from smooshing together recipes from my family and trial and error. I hope that you love it and that it becomes part of your holiday tradition!

Pontani Pizzelles

This makes about 26 – 30

3 Eggs

¾ Cups of Sugar

½ t Anise extract

1 t Vanilla extract

½ Cup unsalted butter (melted)

2 t baking powder

1 ¾ Cups of flour

Confectioners Sugar

Beat your eggs in a large bowl, mix in sugar, beat well. Mix in Anise and Vanilla extract, I usually let a little extra vanilla splash in the batter. Add in your melted butter and mix some more! Sift in your flour and baking powder, mix well and you are ready to rock.

dough good!

Heat up your waffle iron and cook as indicated, typically it is about 25 – 40 seconds per cookie depending on how you like them. I prefer mine a bit lighter and usually leave them on for about 30 seconds. If you are using a traditional sized press, it is one teaspoon of batter to each cookie. Don’t over-do it or you will have batter oozing out of your iron!

Be sure to quickly transfer your cookies to a cooling rack so they can cool while laying flat. When your cookie is cooled, you can gently break off the loose edges by hand or cut them off. I save the scraps and serve em up over ice cream or alone. You can’t let an inch go to waste! Be sure to dust your cookies with confectioners sugar before serving or gifting!

seriously, they love this!

Take Note: Have fun and experiment with flavors! Replace the anise with cocoa or ginger spices to mix it up! And hang onto those coffee cans, they are perfect for stacking up your cookies and passing out during the holiday season!

eating pizzelles with friends is fun!

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