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Sock It To Me: How to set your hair with socks

It's so glamorous to set your hair with socks!

The holidays are over, it's January, which is at best, a casual month. It's freezing, the streets are slushy with old snow and I've exhausted 90% of my dressing up stamina at all the holiday events I am currently recovering from, which makes this beauty hack I am about to share with you worth it's weight in effortless glam.

sock-set glory!

Setting your hair with socks is easy, it's a time tested way to roll your hair. In the days of old, it was referred to as "rag rolling" and was done with, you guessed it... old rags. I've recently discovered (out of desperation when I forgot my rollers on a trip), that socks are the perfect size, they are faster to work with then rollers, they are easy to handle and have the pliable elasticity to make curling your hair easy. Plus, as a heat-free styling tool they don't damage your hair and they are super comfortable. sleeping with socks on your head is a lot better then snoozing with foam rollers! And total bonus: If you have a kid, the sight of you with socks in your hair will bring them endless joy and laughter, its at your expense, but joy is joy.

The White sock is the "folded method", the gray sock is the "flat method"

My hair, naturally is a 1980's style rhyme and reasonless curl. While I would have been a hit if I were in High School in the 80's, currently, its just a huge pain in the butt. I either have to roll it tight to get a workable curl, or roll it big to get a smoother straight but wavy look. Neither last very long, but I find the sock-set to last me all week. The curl loosens as the days pass, but it leaves my hair brush-able and soft with a nice natural bounce. To make the set last even longer, consider sleeping with a sleep bonnet (get silk), a scarf on your head, or get a silk pillowcase! I love this method and I hope you do to!

Ready Set Go.......

You’re going to need

* 6 Pairs of Socks ( socks between 10 - 12" work best)

* A Brush

* A styling agent, I prefer LayRite's Grooming Spray though you can use mouse, gel, setting lotion or even a bit of pomade

But How do I do this??????

Wet your brush and run it through your hair, just to dampen slightly

Pump in a few sprays of the LayRite Grooming Spray or whatever styling agent you are using, and brush through.

Part your hair how you normally would and you are ready to roll.

Fold your sock in half, beginning at the end of your hair, roll up making sure that the ends are nice and flat, when your rolled to the top of your head, pull the two lose ends of the sock through the "U' end that you have created. Alternatively, you can lay the sock flat, roll the hair around it and tie the lose ends, I prefer the folded sock method as I find pulling the ends through the "U" creates a neater curl and avoids loose hairs getting caught up in a "tie-off".

I will roll about 1.5" - 2" of lightly dampened of hair per sock, but this is a style choice, I have a lot of hair and I typically like a softer larger wave for daily wear. A general rule of thumb is The less hair you use and the tighter your roll, the tighter the curl, the more hair you use and if you roll the sock not super tight, the looser the curl. So if you want Rhea Perlman, work in small sections and roll tight! If you want Jaclyn Smith go with bigger chunks of hair and a semi-loose sock roll..

Folded Sock Roll Flow Below with the white sock! The Grey sock is the "flat" method flow.

Folded Sock Roll Flow
Flat Sock Roll Flow

Flat Sock Roll Flow Above!

Continue setting your head in socks! When you are done, do a light spray of hairspray all over your head and now just wait! I typically sleep in my sock-set, but you don't have to. If you don't wet your hair too much, this look can be ready to go in a few hours. If you are pressed for time, you can hit it with a blowdryer as well.

Take out your socks gently, you don't want to knot your hair up! You should be left with some great individual bouncy curls! I like to work through them with my fingers and break them up a bit, hit them with a light spray and roll. You can also use a bristle or roll brush at this point, just brush lightly and you mold and shape!

Your recently freed curls should look like this.

Feeling funny about walking around with socks on your head? Well then grab a turban from two of my favorite shops, Rhona Turbans and Doubty Green! You'll dry your hair in glamour and style.

Everyone's hair is different, so experiment with the way you roll and the amount of product and water you use! I love this method and I hope you do to!

Take Note: I've found it does not matter if you roll "over" or "under". I just roll, and in the end when I style, my hair snaps in the direction that I am brushing it, so don't concern your self with rolling all in the same direction.

A fresh set loosely lightened with  fingers!

This is a three day old sock-set!

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