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Tomato and Egg Dreams

me, the sun, my garden and my baby tomatoes.

It's a carb lover's dream, a lazy cook's delight, a visual stunner. This recipe is so pretty and simple you could probably do it with your eyes closed. Yet, it presents like something Martha Stewart would serve her guests while they all sit around a picnic table in some glorious setting wearing varied shades of white linen.

While I cherish this dish the most in the summer when my yard is a virtual tomato factory and I can just pop out and grab some fresh oregano and beautiful tomatoes right off the vine, I also love this in the winter because there is something warm, rustic, and hearty about it. I've used all sorts of tomatoes for this; big boys, beef steaks, globe, and heirlooms. I find it's always delicious as long as the tomato is good! Don't let the egg fool you into thinking this is just a breakfast affair, I can eat these all day long. Of course you can down one or two for breakfast or lunch, but I love this as a side with a steak as well!


6 Medium to large ripe tomatoes, make sure they are firm and not overly ripe

6 Eggs (1 egg per tomato)

Oregano (hate oregano? I've used parsley in a pinch)


Olive Oil


A small to medium baking dish with high sides (like a good ol' trusty pyrex)


Pre-heat your oven to 400 and drizzle a bit of olive oil into your baking sheet.

Cut the tops off of your tomatoes and gently gut them, remove the seeds and and most of juice. You don't have to go pumpkin carving crazy, just get the seeds and core out.

Arrange your tomatoes in your baking sheet, they want to be nestled together like commuters on the A train at rush hour. Make them snug. You need to do this so they hold each other up as they cook and soften.

Carefully break an egg into each tomato.

SUPER lightly drizzle your tomatoes with olive oil, then sprinkle each egg with salt, pepper, and oregano to taste. Oregano is strong, so go easy depending on what you like. If you are doing 6 eggs, you can do about 1/2 tsp of dried oregano. If you are using fresh oregano, you can do about 1 T.

Bake your eggs at 400 for about 20 - 30 minutes. When done, your egg will be set and your tomato will be gloriously soft and baked.

Grate some fresh parmigiano over the egg and serve. Do yourself a favor and grate your own parm! it takes about as long to do this as it does to take the top off a pre-grated container. The difference is immeasurable!!!!

TAKE NOTE: Wanna jazz it up and make it heartier? Sometimes I will drain a can of cannellini beans, mix the beans with a 1/2 cup of passata or any brand of sauced tomatoes and I will add them to the bottom of the basking sheet, placing the tomatoes on top of them. The beans really up the heartiness factor AND they are good for your heart, so you can't beat that.

everything looks better on a marble counter

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