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Cocktail Napkin Chic

old scraps get new life with this coasters set!

Easter just happened, and I don't plan on cooking anything for quite awhile. My house is so stocked with leftovers that I'm set for the week at least. So I though today would be a great day to share a bright and Spring-like craft that not only can anyone do, it's a tres-chic way to recycle some items you probably already have laying around your house! These cool cocktail napkins can be made with old scraps of material or even vintage table-clothes, drapes or dish towels. But if you are anything like me, anytime I have a project that involves fabric, I over-buy how much I will need in anticipation of the potential errors that I might make. The end result is a vintage Hartman's suitcase under my bed that is packed to capacity with small amounts of a dozen different prints, patterns, solids and textures.

This project is a perfect, colorful and fun way to reuse those left-over bits. And it doesn't stop there, you can do this with vintage bed sheets, pillow cases, table clothes and towels too. I personally feel the different textures and colors colliding are what makes this so great.

So toss these on the table at your next shindig, they will start conversations and have you looking like a modern day Martha in no-time! Want to up your awesome anty even more?? Make a set of 6 of these, tie them up with a cute ribbon and give them as a hostess gift at the next house party you attend!

seersucker coaster? yes please!

What do I need?

Sewing Machine (though with a nice tight stitch you could do this by hand)

Assorted Fabric Scraps

Straight Pins

Sewing Needle



But How Do I do This?

1 – Cut 5 1/4 “ fabric squares, be sure the pieces are ironed and flat! Ironing is paramount. My whole sewing game changed when I took the time to iron every piece before stitching! Don't cheat yourself, iron!

2- Pin 2 pieces of fabric together, rightside facing in

3- stitch ¼ “ in from the raw edge of the fabric closing your square, but be sure to leave a small opening unstitched

4- invert the square, pulling the right sides through the opening, and then hand stitch it closed.

5- iron, lightly starch and enjoy!

Cheap Tricks:

Once you get the hang of it, experiment with your border stitches, zig zags are really fun and you can even make designs with a straight stitch! The beauty in these is that no two are alike!

your drinks never looked so good!

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