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It's Go-Go Robics Time

In 2002 on a whim and a go-go boot, my sisters and I, along with Daddy-O-Grande from the band Los Straitjackets teamed up to make a ridiculous campy dance video that incorporated all our favorite Go-Go moves into what became part work-out video, part dance instructional, and part out-of-nowhere video montages. These were the good ol' days of VHS tapes and cutting edge DVDs. Our title was available at Amoeba and Tower records. We taught work shops all over the world and even appeared on lots of daytime television shows twisting, shimmying and doing the pony. We followed up the original release with Go-Go Robics II and then Twist Party, a dvd/cd pairing with you guessed it, Los Straitjackets.

In the clip above, from Go-Go Robics II, we somehow managed to integrate a western scene into our opening; makes total sense.

Since then, I've continued to teach and have even released some more DVDs of my own, but now I am super excited to announce Go-Go Robics 2.0, available right here on the good ol' interweb! Shot with the ever fabulous Bettina May in Las Vegas, these short video instructionals are available 24/7 and I am so looking forward to sharing them with all of you. While I may not be riding a horse in these opening credits, I am wearing a pretty amazing leotard made by Mr Gorgeous.

I've got lot's planned for Go-Go Robics 2.0 in the coming year, but first, let's start with this, Cave Man by my favorite masked men, Los Straitjackets! For this ditty, I was happy to be joined by burlesque beauties Aya Fontaine and Miss Buttercup. This low impact dance routine is a perfect introduction to Go-Go. It's mid tempo, slinky and a great way to get on the road to becoming an expert level tail-feather-shaker. I do tend to teach fast, this is the one place in the world you can pause me and I actually stop talking. A power my husband wishes he had.

Clear a space in the living room, back yard or front deck and let's have a go-go party! You'll burn calories, get your heart rate up, work out and not even realize that is happening because you are having too much fun!!!

When you master the Cave Man, share it with your friends and tag me! Let's get to go-go-going!!!!!

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