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Josie's Garlicky Steak & Mushroom Sammich

I break for steak

This was one of my Grandma Jo's staples, her afternoon steak sandwich. How luxurious I thought we were in her row home kitchen on Whitaker Ave in Trenton, NJ dining on steak in the middle of the day. It was just one of those things that I equivocated to super-fancy, we were basically on Rodeo Drive. And though I wasn't a huge steak lover as a kid, the idea that somehow we were dining on something fine and rare and pricey and that she showered it upon my sisters and I really made me feel special. Now, years later, after buying a few steaks of my own I can say and have always known that one of the richest things I have ever had was the pleasure of my grandmother's company and her unconditional love. I wouldn't trade all the steaks in the world for one memory with her. Even though this blog is about a steak sandwich, I cannot write a sentence about my Grandma Jo without getting sentimental and teary eyed. You should see me when I make Eggs in a Basket.

One of the few people I am taller then!

This sandwich uses a few basic ingredients to give this simple sirloin a super-kick of flavor. Pair its garlic power and mushroom assisted goodness with the right Italian bread and you will be in heaven! Are you a visual learner? Well then good news, you'll want watch me make this on my IGTV! Click here and follow along with ease!

Eat good bread.

This sandwich is approved by Brian Anthony Newman.

this sandwich is endorsed by Brian Newman

Serves 4

What Do I Need

1 loaf of Italian Bread (get the most out of life, go to the bakery)

Sirloin Steak - thin cut

5 cloves of garlic (yeah, I said 5)

12 - 15 Baby Bella Mushrooms

Olive Oil

S & P

Now What

Quarter your sirloin, salt and pepper heavily on both sides (watch it with the salt) and set aside. Slice your mushroom, about 1/4" slices and set aside. Smash and Bash your garlic, aka smash and chop, set aside.

In a medium saute pan, heat a healthy drizzle of olive oil, saute 1/4 of the garlic lightly, when it is golden brown add the steak, brown each side, this should take about 30 seconds per side. Now add your mushrooms - mix gently but well, ensuring that they all get a nice oil coating! Now add the remainder of your garlic and cook for about 5 - 7 minutes.

Cut your bread and carefully dip each side face down into the glorious juices in your saute pan, then add steak and mushrooms to the bread and serve immediately.


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