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Campari Spritz

I do flips for Spritz

It's time for a cocktail break. Being a full-time mom and working keeps me pretty tied up. I certainly don't get out much like I used to and therefore I appear to have missed a trend in cocktails in the US. Apparently everyone is doing flips for Spritz.

I have long loved the Spritz. I have so many fond memories of meandering around Italy and stopping for one served up at the cafes or being backstage and having runners head to the bar and return with trays of Spritz for the cast. It's such a refreshing and mild cocktail that tempts the tastebuds with its light, yet flavorful splendor.

Italians know how to do it and they do it in one of two ways, which is something we here in America are not largely doing. There are two kinds of Spritz my friends; Aperol or (drum roll please for my favorite liquor) Campari.

Celebrating Campari's 150th Birthday

Campari is the nectar of the Gods, well ok...that's actually wine, but I think we can consider Campari an additional nectar of the Gods. After all, they are the gods and one nectar can become boring. Without Campari there would be no Negroni, no Campari & Soda, no Americano! This is a world I do not want to live in. I love Campari so much, I jumped out of a cake at their official 150th birthday party!

Italy is so magical they sell Campari & Soda in bottles.

Some suggest that Campari is bitter, as if that is a bad thing. Campari has the perfect amount of enveloping bitterness that elevates it from being sweet and sappy. It is perfect. However, I'm not surprised that the Aperol Spritz is the one that is getting most of the attention here, as Americans love their sweet. But I urge you to grab your bottle of Campari and give this a go, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Campari, I love you.

Make it with me right here on my IGTV or just follow the simple instructions below. This recipe is from my favorite waiter at a Gelateria in Piazza San Stefano in Venice.

What Do I Need


Prosecco or Dry White Wine

Club Soda, Mineral Water or Seltzer

A Slice of Orange


Now What

Add 3 - 4 Cubes of ice to your glass

3 Parts Prosecco

2 Parts Campari

1 Part Seltzer, Club Soda or Mineral Water

Add a slice of orange and gently stir

Now head to the piazza, enjoy some potato chips and sip your Spritz!

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